5 Steps to Success with the HCG Diet Wieght loss

Published: 11th February 2010
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HCG Diet

For dieters who want to follow the HCG weight loss cure but aren't sure what the plan entails, there are 5 steps they need to follow to achieve success. These steps may seem small, but when they are pulled together for a common weight loss goal, they help dieters turn their dreams into reality.


Dieters Must Take HCG Regularly

HCG is the cornerstone of the HCG diet plan; not taking it as directed will wreck a dieter's chance of success on the program. For dieters who are needle-shy and consciously avoid or delay taking HCG shots, there is a form of oral HCG drops available.


Dieters Must Follow the Eating Plan

Another core component of the HCG diet is the eating plan. Dieters must restrict their caloric intake to 500 calories per day, composed of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. If a dieter does not follow the plan or tries to jazz it up by adding protein shakes or cereal bars, the scale will not budge.


Do Not Exercise on the HCG Diet Plan

This is where the HCG diet plan sets itself apart from other diets on the market: exercise is strictly forbidden while you are on the plan. While consuming a low-calorie diet, exercise is simply not necessary and will just tire the dieter out.


Make the HCG Diet Plan a Complete Lifestyle Change

Dieters who incorporate the plan as part of their daily lives have a higher rate of success than those who try to do the plan only when it seems easy. As part of a lifestyle change, dieters still manage to dine out, go to work, and follow their normal routine while still adhering to the program. Dieters who do not plan ahead or try to change their normal routine simply cannot stick with the plan for any length of time.


Give Positive Feedback While on the Diet

Dieters who reward themselves as they lose weight are more likely to stick with the plan until their goals are met. Some examples of positive feedback awards include: a manicure and pedicure; new clothing; a new game; or a well-deserved vacation.

By following these 5 steps, dieters will make the diet less of a quick fix and more of a long-term investment until they reach their desired goals. The HCG weight loss cure, when followed properly, provides safe and effective weight loss, so it should be regarded as an opportunity for all dieters. It is especially beneficial for dieters who need quick results due to health problems.

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